AGB Basic System Enquiry

AGB Basic System Enquiry

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AGB Basic System

Excellent performance ratings are guaranteed for these Lift & Slide doors and windows with low tracks, reduced top guide and central point with wooden gasket-bearing strip. Even the cheapest and most traditional Lift & Slide doors and windows provide performance ratings which enable their use in a broad range of situations. This solution is indicated when windows and door accessibility must be optimized or when the principal requires a low track for aesthetic effect.

Water Tightness


Up to 4A


Air Permeability


UP to 4


Wind Loading Resistance


Up to C2


Impact Resistance


Up to 5


Noise Abatement


Up to 43/41 dB – 41/39 dB


Heat Transmittance


Up to 1,8 W/m²K


Material Type



















Central Point

This is constructed with traditional wooden gasket-bearing strips. A simple brush is added to the outer profile, creating a decompression chamber and easing the burden on the gaskets, with regard to protection from water and air.

Uni-V Central Point

The Uni-V Central Point offers wide milling tolerances, compensates for the natural deformation of wood and removes the after-sales works on site linked to the Lift & Slide disease. Thanks to this revolutionary central point, there is no contact between the sash and the frame. The result is a fluid and silent opening movement.

Decompression Chamber

This accessory is related to Climatech, Intermediate and Basic versions. This profile allows to create a decompression chamber outside the side point, providing a barrier against water, air and low temperatures, without special milling cutters.

Heat-Sealed Gaskets

The gaskets, positioned on the perimeter of the moving sash, are a vitally important factor in raising the performance ratings of windows and doors. The outer gasket, with its special form, enables sealing of the sash with the threshold.

Pad of Central Point

This rubber strip seals the central point with the threshold, thanks to its special form. It therefore provides an effective barrier against water infiltration.

Low Track

Through synergic action with the new gaskets, and with the central pad, the low tracks also present optimal water-resistance performance ratings. However, the flat floor is not conducive to water flow. Hence windows and doors are incapable of reaching resistance classes of more than A4. This system enables construction of specific accessories for certifiable sliding doors with compartment.

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